Avoid This Common Mistake in Your Litigation Graphic Design BEFORE Going to Court

Presentation Points

Expert Presentation Tips from the Consultants at VisuaLex

Today’s software and technologies give us the capability of doing a lot of things to visualize our presentations, ideas, and concepts. However, we must be careful not to detract from the message by incorporating too many bells and whistles at once. A frequent mistake in litigation graphics is allowing the aesthetic to take center stage and ignoring the content of our presentations. Performing a simple test on each graphic is one way to overcome this common pitfall. Hold a copy of your demonstrative at arm’s length and ask the question: In viewing this, what am I taking away? If the answer is not readily apparent or if it is not one of the strategic themes of your case, it is a strong indication that you should go back to the drawing board. The goal for each illustration is to deliver one compelling, stand-alone statement that conveys your intended message and resonates with the viewer. The end result is to not attract attention to your presentation method, transitions, borders, background, etc. but rather to clarify the content. In order to give the most convincing presentation, make sure you are “communicating” and not just simply “decorating.”

-David W. Mykel


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