Litigation Graphics, Psychology and Color Meaning

As a litigation consultant, one of my primary responsibilities is to help litigation teams develop and effectively use demonstrative evidence to support their trial presentation. The primary means of doing this is to create litigation graphics, which are most commonly used as PowerPoint slides that accompany oral argument and witness testimony.

A lot of what goes into creating effective litigation graphics relies on the evidence to be presented. If the evidence relies on a document and, specifically, on a particular part of that document, a document callout is standard fare. If damages are the issue, it’s not uncommon to use a chart or table to illustrate to the jury how they should add up the money to arrive at the desired result. However, a lot more goes into designing and developing really effective litigation graphics than the clever manipulation of evidence. Did you know that color plays a major role?

by Ryan H. Flax, Esq.
Managing Director, Litigation Consulting
A2L Consulting

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litigation graphics pyschology color meaning

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