21st Century Clients’ Expectations & BigLaw Collide – And It Ain’t Pretty

By: Nicole Black

If, like some lawyers, you’ve had your head in the sand, you might be unaware that the legal landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Internet-based technologies have affected all aspects of our culture, including consumer expectations and the ways that business is conducted. Because of the mobile and Internet revolutions, we now have instantaneous access to information, resulting in consumers who are more knowledgeable, more selective, and more demanding. Accordingly, online payments are the norm and consumers have come to expect more for their money, fast response times, and quick answers.

When “consumers” suddenly encounter legal problems and thus become “legal consumers,” their expectations do not suddenly change. Instead, 21st century legal consumers expect just as much from their attorneys as they do from other non-legal service providers. This sudden shift in expectations has dramatically increased competition in the legal services space and has had an astounding effect on the delivery of legal services. For evidence of this, you need look no further than the huge success of LegalZoom and similar services and the predicted decline of BigLaw.

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