What Equipment Do You Need in the Courtroom for an Effective Presentation?

Lately, our clients are asking us to help recommend equipment to compliment the persuasive graphics we’ve created for their cases.  While, for a trial veteran, this is an easy question, but for those who are not as familiar with the courtroom, this can be something of an anxiety initiator (think of the younger associate who has been tasked with this and the lead attorney – senior partner – is relying whole-heartedly on them).

With that thought, here’s a list of equipment we typically recommend for our clients:

1. Laptop

2. Back-up laptop

3. External hard drive

4. Back-up external hard drive

5. Distribution Amp (also called a DA)

6. Switcher

7. Speakers

8. Projector

9. Screen

10. LCD monitors

11. ELMO (Digital Presenter)

12. Easel

13. All the appropriate wiring, cables and power adapters

Tune in next week when we recommend more specifics for these pieces and the best way to go about putting everything together.

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