Ode To Summer: Lessons for Litigation


As I think about what I did and learned this summer, stretching (only slightly) there were also many litigation lessons to be found. Here are just a few:

  1. The power of language, or why you no longer need to be afraid of turbulence: Even though I find myself on a plane nearly every week, I’m still a “nervous flyer.” The good news, though, is that I no longer need to worry about “turbulence.” It doesn’t exist.  Apparently, what we have now is “rough air.”  Fantastic!  Rough air isn’t bad, not like turbulence. As a side-note, an hour or so into my most recent flight we hit some “rough air”; turns out it feels just like turbulence. The point is important, though.  Labeling and word choice is critical to the development of an overall picture of an event, issue, or person.
  2. Rules for deposition testimony, or when to act like a 15-year-old boy: If you ever need a lesson on how to act in a deposition,

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