Projection Questions: LCD or DLP Projectors? Plus, Do Lumens Matter?


Q: Should I use a LCD or a DLP projector?

A: The short answer is, “it’s complicated, but go with an LCD projector.”

The less-short (but still-short) answer is: LCD projectors generally display graphics better than DLP projectors. By “better,” we mean they project colors that more closely match how they look on your computer screen. If you use a DLP projector, your graphics will probably not look like they do on your computer screen. For instance, a common problem with DLP projectors is that many of them display yellow as green, and since yellow is commonly used as a highlight color on exhibits and graphics that will be shown to your audience, a DLP projector won’t give you the clarity you need in front of the jury.

Q: Do lumens really matter when I choose a projector?

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