Litigators, Why You Need To Learn How to Use Siri for Your Practice

As people in the litigation industry, we are experts at juggling things.  On any given day, I’ll be juggling 2-3 cases, marketing initiatives, blogging, a charity, my action sports and my Muay Thai business all while trying to have a personal life intertwined in my “free time”.  Doing this can sometimes be cumbersome and seem almost impossible, but there are some incredible tools out there to help you in your balancing act; some that you actually own, but don’t even know how powerful it can be.

I’m an iPhone guy (and pretty much everything else Apple as well – iPod, MacBook, etc.), but up until recently, I never knew the true power of what was literally in my hand.  To me, Siri was this “sometimes helpful, mostly annoying, marketing gimic” that Apple created to be clever.  Her and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship for nearly a year, but lately, I find myself calling her more than ever before; call it laziness, but I call it efficiency and productivity, two things that us in the litigation world absolute need.

“Siri is the incredibly handy assistant that comes with iOS devices.  Through voice commands, you can get Siri to do almost anything that you could normally do on your phone or tablet yourself.  In this article, we’ll show how to put Siri to work to make your iOS experience easier and faster.”

Korbin Brown’s great article explains how to get the most out of this “free” assistant.  Follow his instructions and “date” Siri for a week or two; I promise it will be worth it!

What can I ask Siri to do?

You can ask Siri to do just about anything, and you don’t need to be overly specific about what you say.  For example, you can say things like “Give my mom a call,” instead of “Make a phone call to my mother.”  Speaking casually or formally, Siri knows what you mean.  On the list of commands below, keep in mind there are quite a few ways to say each one.  Don’t get hung up on any of the wording, just read this to learn of Siri’s various functions.

Read more here:

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