Prepping a Witness or Delivering a Presentation? Then You Need to Read This…

Avoid Verbal Tee Ups

By Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm:


For my first line of this blog post, I want to say something. I have to say, honestly, it is going to be important. But I don’t want you to take it the wrong way. So, here it is: When communicating, don’t tee up your statement, just say it. That’s it. So, you might wonder, why the buildup? Why all the prefatory remarks about what I’m going to say?….

These common lead in statements are called “tee ups,”…

I’m Just Saying, Here Are Some Tee Ups to Be Careful Of

Trial attorneys should aim for direct communication that doesn’t hedge or distance. Generally, litigators are more practiced at the art of direct and persuasive communication. Witnesses, however, can have a harder time. In the unfamiliar setting of the courtroom, they can fall back on habits of speech that make them seem too guarded or dishonest.

Read the full article here:


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