Best Article I’ve Read This Week: Design is Everything When Communicating Your Message

by Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

Although trained as a lawyer, one of my passions is good design. I appreciate good design whether it appears in architecture, in the way a product is put together, or in the way a print advertisement is composed. I especially appreciate good design in litigation graphics.

So what is good design? I define good design as the intersection of beautiful form and elegant function. Regardless of the application, finding the sweet spot for that intersection is the real challenge.

A door handle that is beautiful but makes a door hard to open is bad design. A luxury automobile that wins awards for its elegance but is hard to drive is bad design. And a litigation graphic that is gorgeous but fails to quickly inform and persuade is bad design.

The best litigation graphics are those that deliver results and are well-designed (not necessarily beautifully designed) in their form. However, the point where one strike the balance between form and function is entirely different in the case of litigation graphics.

Full article here:


litigation graphics design beauty contest

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